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Toro-Session 1: Lecture by Raúl Cárdenas of Torolab


Harvard University Graduate School of Design, October 20th 2010

Lecture by Raúl Cárdenas / Torolab

Founded in 1995 by Raul Cardenas Osuna in Tijuana B.C., Mexico, Torolab, is a collective workshop/laboratory of contextual studies that identifies situations or phenomena of interest for research.  The result of this investigation should, in some way, enhance the “quality of life” (starting with our own). The projects are developed according to our their own competences and in collaboration with other artists and experts in the fields that we being studied and investigated.  The themes that Torolab has developed until now range from research on the identity of the border region, to housing and security to community building and survival-the areas of concern are as broad and varied as the lifestyles and environs they are studying. The traces left behind these investigations go from such things as Urban Interventions, Media Projects, Construction Systems, Survival Units to everyday things like furniture and clothing.

Special guests in the Q&A:  Felipe Correa, Ana María Durán  and Krysztof Wodiczko

Toro-sessions @ Graduate School of Design Series organized by GSD LATINO (Paola Aguirre, Laura Janka, Ángel Rodríguez and Victor M. Sanz) in collaboration with The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University, Harvard University Mexican Association, and Torolab.


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