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Toro-session 2: HOMELAND


Graduate School of Design, October 21st 2010

Some pictures of the presentation of the HOMELAND Referential Landscapes Table at the Graduate School of Design. Raúl Cárdenas explained the project and asked for our collaboration to extend the number of modules of the table with new stories on home territories.

Many students and members of the faculty, such as the Dean of the GSD Mohsen Mostafavi, Bjarke Ingels and Gareth Doherty,  stepped by this event.

HOMELAND is an ongoing project about the construction of home territories and the constant re-evaluations of identities within nomadic, migratory and refugee communities.
For the Graduate School of Design, Torolab is presenting the ‘Refentential Landscape Table’, shown in the Lyon Biennale 2009. The project would conceptually and physically morph the Gund Hall Lobby space into a laboratory style installation for 10 days. with the purpose of extending the modular design of the table through the participation of students and the Harvard community.
If you have any ideas or information about new home territories within new communities you think might be a potential module for the table, please contact any of the members of the GSD Latino through this blog.

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