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The Block: An itinerant archive project


The block is an ongoing editorial collaborative project. The block is the analog version of this blog for documenting the work of the gsdLATINO collective.

Last fall, with the help of Lars Müller, we developed the concept and prototype for an object that could be:

Interactive: That invites the user to engage with the content of the booklets. This is the discovery part of the block. Consecutive: To establish a flexible and growing structure that allows this archive to increase over time. Voyante: With a size and form that could be practical to travel (and cheap of course!). The idea of collaboration about the content is not limited to the GSD community. The block should be able to travel and to feed from other Latin American experiences.

Individual volumes or booklets compose the block, which are color coded informing the nature of their content: talk, exhibit, social event, feedback (interview), and student work. The booklets are foldable and displayable. These could remain within the box as an archive, but also have the possibility to perform and become an exhibition by itself.

Because the components of the block (box and booklets) should have the possibility to be produced “in house”, the selected materials are generic, accessible and cheap (pine wood and Bristol paper). The booklets have a small size (6”x6”), and currently their content is only paper. Nevertheless, future booklets these could include  other physical devices that feature sounds, videos, textures or any other interactive elements.

Some of these ideas have evolved after the first prototype, but we are planning to share this project with the GSD community in an exhibit very soon. Stay tuned.

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