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GSD Latino pursues the institionalization of the interest in Latin America as a field of thought, critique and design in the Harvard community. Its main objectives are to open a permanent space of study and exchange towards the production and discussion of Architecture, Landscape Urban Design and Planning in Latin America and to strengthen the relationship between artists, professors, students and intellectuals. It is also in our goal to sustain subjects of cultural diversity as a search for integration, constantly aiming towards an objective representation of the ideas and regions in its means of action.


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  1. gabriel pino permalink
    2010/10/30 15:07

    i love you guys!
    could you please next time talk about the mexican forests migrated to the north? the spatial consequences of christmas trees in social housing units and the relationship between landscape and land escaping?

    thank you!

  2. laura janka permalink
    2010/12/25 6:36

    Natale hilare et annum faustum
    los quiero chicos!
    felices fiestas

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